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Tributes – by the author, Pat Laster
      Flewellen, Belt, O’Bar, McWha, Berlin,
      dal Santo, Taylor, Kauffman, Chester, Zinn
      Palonis, Sander, Bible, Faires, Finn––
      each someone’s grandpa lately claimed by death.
      Shimerka, Canamore, Barefield and Straight,
      Herzog, O’Neal, Donica, Zahm, Fairwait,
      Mumbleau, Hinchliffe, Galizza, Friss, Dufrait.
      “The best grandpa to ever draw a breath,”
      descendants say of each. Centinio,
      McCrillis, Waggle, Plant, Culwell, Rossow,
      Heironymus, Trux, Tekla, Kebodeaux––
      surnames encompass country’s varied breadth.
      Obituaries trumpet last hurrahs
      of fam’ly elegies for our grandpas.
                                             ~ ~ ~ ~