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Pat's Home "Couchwood"
Since June of 2006, I have lived in the Couch family home built in 1932 by my grandfather Noah and my dad, Hubert, of white rock and brick. I am the third "matriarch" to do so. I've named the place Couchwood. A pear tree near the corner of the property produces well and takes up my time during the harvest season. All that's left of the expansive, former Couch place is the one acre where the homeplace sits. One neighbor's lot is our old garden and the old dairy barn. Another's is the old feed lot, chicken run, haybarn and pig sty. The subdivision, Couchwood, sits west and south.

Two cats make their home here, Greye and Bibbs.

I have co-opted the bermuda-grass yard near the house for expanding the plantings, which include azaleas, lorapetalum, holly, barberry, daisies, hosta, varigated monkey grass, oxalis, gardenias, yarrow, mums and mullein-pinks, sometimes called lamb's ear.

In 2015,at age 78,  I started a new sidewalk from the porch to the mail-and-paper boxes.