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Found Poems
- devised by Pat Laster from sources other than "actual."

hot air
from Africa spiked temps
in most of Europe
[H. Holl/ AP caption, 7/ '15]

new zoo exhibit
girls pop out of the ground
and face a prairie dog

diet martini:
no pimento
in the olive

sharing the boat
eggs warmed by the duck's brood patch
couple warmed by tea

[Forster & Meredith]

sunny spring morning
his mind not on the lesson
but in a daydream
[Bil Keane]
over the treetops
in the talons of an owl
turkey hen decoy

St. Patrick's Day
the snowstorm stopping
at the county line
[County Derry, 2009]

the paper boy
gets a fifty-dollar fine
for littering
in the median
a black Lab

car window down
listening for the river
with my eyes closed
[Paul Greenberg,

cautionary tale:
with enough ice
any shoe is a skate
[Dennis the Menace comic, 1997]

dot-and-line clocks
hard on little tykes
learning to tell time
[Bil Keane, The Family Circus comic, 1997]

What About These Weeds?
your wild onions
and make a big stew." So
says our expert.  "Stop trying to
kill them."
[Janet Carson, 2004]

after Velda Brotherton

winter stillness
hearing puffs of snow
light on my skin
[from Ozark Writers on Writing, 1998]

pine thickets--
hard to find anything
but shade
[from Helen Grace Warrick, Old Time Chronicle, 2003]

unexpected snow
sending students to Hastings
instead of high school
[Editorial, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 2003]

just above freezing
a hard-shell 'slider saddles
for Sunday ramble
--from The Observer, Arkansas Times, ca. 2003

unborn child
already with his dying
grandfather's name
--from an obit, ca. 2006

crowds at the park
on this warm winter weekend
child in the sandbox
--picture, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1998

allowing spiders
the run of her house
during winter
--Annie Dillard, p. 50, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

After Drawing Flak, Patience
Blue jays
swarm to the tree,
raise Cain... but the eagle
--there first--remains for 15 more

making the collar
officials corral a Great Dane
in attack mode
--news picture, 1997

seven launches
between catastrophes--
even more amazing than moon
--Mike Thomas, Orlando Sentinel, 2003
bridge pro's bandaged hand:
"This is serious," she moans.
"I can't shuffle cards!"
--the late Ann Talley Kinnaird, ca. 2005-6
The fifth-
grade "queen" calls
herself singer, actress,
model, artist. What's left, as an
--AD-G feature, 2004

the sparkle
of ice-laden trees
under sunny skies
[words of John Robert Starr, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, ca 2002]

guilt in a shoebox~
last year's holiday cards
still unanswered
[from Sally Forth comic, G. Howard/ C. Macintosh]
Greeks bearing gifts~
not the eastern magi
but fraternity boys
[ photo, AD-G]

a no-no: sliding
down the banister
Christmas holidays
[photo, AD-G]
from this angle
city's Christmas tree under
George Washington's hand
[photo, AD-G]
they say--as do I
that Christmas is for children
[Meredith Oakley,]
when all our blessings deserve
a recount
[from the comic Ziggy, Tom Wilson]

"Santa always brings
something I forgot
to ask him for"
[from Family Circus, Bil Keane]
lumberjack bolting
from Christmas celebration
a second ice storm
[article by V. S. Law, AD-G]

my red blouse
hanging in his tree
[news from Searcy AR]

gifts of self-indulgence
we give ourselves
[Meredith Oakley]
one Christmas package
hidden until guests and warmth
are gone; depression
President's low pass
wide sheet of onyx water
and the bobbing roofs
[Richard Ford, 2005]
the leaves were gone
it blew in off the lake
one mid-November night; two feet
of snow.
[article, AD-G, 1996]
fewer nuisance bears--
lots of wild cherries
to last till acorns fall
[B. Stiver, Great Smoky Mountain biologist,AD-G]
on 9 - 11
a Pentagon-sponsored
country-music bash
[Ellen Goodman on N. O., 2005]
fencepost's holding
some kind of a birdhouse.
At the field's edge, goldenrod and
tall grass.
waving grasses
bidding the birds
[from a Facebook picture]
a grasshopper
visits my hairbrush
doesn't answer my 'why?'
[Meredith Villines' picture on Facebook]
zealots of hate--
even after its rude shake
our country still stands
[editorial, AD-G the day after 9-11]

haiku in one submission--
not one selected
[Robert Spiess, editor,  modern haiku]

Hal Borland:
"December's the price
we pay for June"
[Hal Borland's Sundial of the Seasons]
80 days
after the earthquake
cat found barely alive
[news article, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]
a Greek connection
3 students die & 5 hurt
over alcohol
[UCA's decision to punish fraternity]
massive oak limb
the antique fence
[news article]
line at the food bank
clients careful to take
only one cookie
[Jay Grelan, AD-G, 2010]
grass through the cracks
of abandoned parking lot
old drive-in movie
[from Paul Greenberg's '92 column, reprinted in '98, AD-G]

January's end
the hundred-foot Christmas tree
losing its light
[AD-G photo]

face to face
with the flame-colored sky
for just one instant
[Jennifer Hansen (McFann), AD-G]

a nest of swallows
holding up the interstate
highway repairs
[AD-G article]

not looking
at anything ... but seeing
more and more of it
[Bob Lancaster, Arkansas Times]

in my mother's yard
her mother's yellow rose
[J. Hamilton, River of Used To Be]

pale gray sky
framing the wreckage
a steady rain
[J. Slivka, AD-G]

gunning for ice
with a 16-gauge
to save the trees
Meredith Oakley, AD-G]

child at the window
the sun's strange effect
on icicles
[The Walkers, Hi and Lois comics]

perched on a dead fall
duck hunter waits and watches
the empty sky
[AD-G sports news 1997]

on the deck
listening to the snow
[the Walkers, Hi and Lois, 2000]

winter naps
daddy purring louder
than the kitty
[Bil Keane, The Family Circus, 1998]

10 miles per hour
across a treacherous bridge
grateful, speed to 12
[Meredith Oakley, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 2001]

after Katrina
the lake full of rooftops
as far as one can see
[A. Rosenblum]

cold December day
a flock of pigeons
in front of the moon
[pic by S. Bridenthal, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

under the drip
on an icicle
black-cap's open beak
[Birds in Bloom]

blue heron
feasting on beetles
in the old pool
[Ann Dague]

leaves down and raked
windows locked, lawn chairs stored
so come on, snow
["Hi & Lois" comic, B.& G. Walker]

six trees in the house
"a little bit of Christmas
in every room"
[T. Raney]

the bare gingko tree
its golden leaves allowed
to lie undisturbed
[The Observer,
Arkansas Times]

the sun
breaks through
warming my cheek
[Philip Martin, AD-G]

Dakota deep freeze
he cuts hay with chain saw
to keep herd alive
[news photo, 1. 21. 1997

one payment shy
the fellowship hall
now gone
[A. Harter, 1. 29. 1999]

the school scattered
beyond the wall
bearing it's name
[J. Slivka, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
1.29. 1999]

kick-standing bike
still on the porch
--house gone
A. Harter, 1. 16. 1999]

into the path
of an oncoming blessing
sun's ray through the tree
[Jennifer Hansen, AD-G]

still teaching
piano lessons
at age 90
[from an obit]

coin toss decides
the mayorship after
a tie vote
[Prairie City,OR]

reporter's notebook
abandoned in the rain
of The Opening
[The Clinton Library, LR, AR]

last lakeside picnic
cattails hiding
the wastewater plant
[Santa Fe, NM]

flights grounded
x-rayscreener scans
a toy gun

Kansas protesters
preaching hate
to save our souls
[Editorial, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

when you're in the South
you'd best not insult folks
wearing camouflage
Wally Hall, AD-G]

orphaned joey
travels in canvas backpack
docent foster mom
[article, AD-G]

bundled up --
trudging 3 snowy blocks
to find that school's closed
[news article]

culinary class--
apples into swans
and mice from radishes
[C. Park, AD-G]

library visit
the child in awe of how quiet
grown-ups can be
[Dr. John Rosemond, AD-G]

spread-eagled sedge wren
grasping the parallel stems
of dried grasses
[picture-MO Dept. of Conservation calendar]
a great blue heron
between the empty beach chair
and the rising tide
[photos-Birds 'n Blooms, Oct./Nov 2003]
migrating monarch
drinks from purple gayfeather--
chalk maple turning
[Judy Blackwell's Courier column]
ceramic Jesus painted
by  an old lady
[AD-G article]
while looking for tramps
the special night watchman
hit by a boxcar
[Other Days item, AD-G, 1904]
pastors urging
their congregants to view
the R-rated movie
[news article, Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ"]
only serious
cooking I've done all year--
on Thanksgiving
[Pat Lynch' column, AD-G]
burglary info
filling the entire top half
of the news page
the white stone road--
at everydoorway
armed guards:
  could this patron
  be a suicide bomber?

[Frida Ghitis column, AD-G]
six-foot  wingspan
the blue heron lifting
from algae-filled pond
[AD-G photo]

streetcar whirrs and clangs
as the haze grows steamier
a tray of beignets
[Paul Greenberg, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

by the shine of the moon
in the dense forest
[from Jay Grelen's column, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9. 30. 2010]
"Refusing on Religious Grounds"
His beard
has a hearing,
says the paper's headline.
The Fort Hood shooter grew it; told
to shave.
[News, 10. 12. 2012]
"Brig. Gen. Now Only a Lt. Col."
for admitting
guilt in numerous sex-
related acts, he gets two ranks
ripped off.
[News, 6. 21. 2014]

Why would
a man born so
soft keep trying to be
so tough? But that was George Plipton
for you.
[Editorial, AD-G, 10. 1. 2003]
"Nursing Home Incident of Five Years Ago"
She gets
by with murder:
at age one-hundred-two,
and now with dementia, she'll not
see trial.
[News in Brief, 6. 21. 2014]

"A Steal at $400 Grand"
his town of Swett to tend
to his traveling-concession
[News, 6. 30. 2014]
"A Pause--In Honor?"
in blackbird's beak
while it rests on a stone
at National Cemetery
[Picture, S. Briedenthal, AD-G, 7. 1. 2014]
chew through
a hillside
[News, J. Barnard, AP, 9. 17. 2014]
the old farmhouse
into its last decay
[Willie Morris:The Last of the Southern Girls, p. 86, 9. 9. 1999]
President's low pass:
wide sheet of onyx water
and the bobbing roofs
[Richard Ford, 9. 11. 2005]

a descendant
of one killed by a mule's kick
learned to drive one
[C. Storey, AD-G, 4. 30. 2012]

Earth Day fete
because of rain
[NY, Associated Press, 4. 23. 2012]
a child running
through a field of tulips
grown for the U. S.
[picture, P. Dejong, AD-G, 4. 23. 2012]
the church is gone
but the choir robes still hang
in all their whiteness
[Smithville MS news article, 4. 29. 2011]
when the sky turned green
the twister swirled into view
one-half the town gone
[Mapleton, Iowa, 4. 11. 2011]

"At the Reptile Store"
I'd feel
bad, too, ifmy
store was the place where a
man died after a roach-eating
[news, 10 10. 2012]
"Conversation on seeing a harem skirt in public"
"Oh, look at that!
The nerve of her
to wear that costume out!"
"I'd never wear
one out like that--
she's positively stout."
[a Laurette poetry pattern;
from an OTHER DAYS item, 1911, AD-G, 8. 5. 2011]
"O. D. Ketchum Family"
Small place--
post office, store,
gas station (Bonnerdale)
run by total population
of three!
[from Mr. Veveto, in Old Time Chronicle, M/Ap, 2003]
In front
of the fireplace
memorizing poems--
baking the front of me, freezing
the back.
I. One man
exults over
a second new-born son;
dad of a soldier mourns the death
of his.

II. In our
human contacts,
it always boils down to
a lifelong string of hellos and
[Mike Masterson's column, AD-G, 10. 9. 2003]



called out at home
by an empty glove
[news, 4. 23. 2011

eye to eye
with the caribou
far cry of a loon
[S. Trimble article, 6. 7. 1998]

not to mow--
ground-level ozone
[news, 7. 26. 1997]
young child's show-and-tell
was 50 packets of Dad's
heroin. Oops!
[News in Brief, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 4. 11. 2012]
"Epiphany for a Child"
from "whites only"
fountain tasted the same
as that from the fountain labeled
[Joyce Elliot, AD-G, High Profile feature, 4. 24. 2005]
I. You can't
or save something without
inventorying it," caver
Slay says.
[A. Deslatte,NW edition, AD-G, 4. 19. 2004]

II. "Cavefish"
translucent and
eyeless bugs (millipedes)
unique to a few Ozark cave
A cook
of L.S.D.?
Degreed in chemistry,
using elaborate,precise
[C. Munck, NW ed., AD-G, 4. 19. 2004]


search for beginnings:
gravitational waves OR
interstellar dust?
[D. Overbye, New York Times/ Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

 over time
can explain
the wiggles
in temperatures
[J. Barnard, AP/ AD-G]

more than 50
turtles strapped
to his body
[newspaper, 9.26. '14]

last three
touchdowns took
a total
of five plays
[9.28. '14, Wally Hall,  sports, AD-G]

don't wear
strong cologne
if running
from police
[news, 9.30, '14]
the light
at the end
of the tunnel
is not
a train
[9.30.'14, W. Hall, AD-G after the Aggies beat the winning AR Razorbacks in overtime]

rising expectations
diminished obligations
   the curse of our times
[Editorial, P. Terizian, 7. 10. 1997]


a really small world:
one-half of Miami's dust
comes from Africa
[Washington Post/ AD-G, 1. 20. 1999]

shortly after win
Tiger Stadium storm-hit--
N. Y. Mets' revenge?
[News, 1. 20. 1999]

sea-bottom grazing--
buffet of romaine
for the manatees
[News picture, 7. 1. 1997

ghosts visit
on the patio chairs
oh, wait! that's snow!

[iWitness/Judy-jon, Calif, 2. 23. 2013]

the traffic signal
downed during a snowstorm
is still working

[AP/The Telegraph, Alton IL, J. Badman, 2.23. 2013]
covers a cholla cactus
in Arizona

[adapted-S. Warren, while viewing weather pics, 2.23.2013]
squirrel watching the snow
from the broad stump
of an oak limb

[AP/St. Joseph News Press, J. Stewart, 2.23. 2013]
first snow in 2 years
enough to build
a snow dragon

[iWitness/TeeKay, 2.23. 2013]
on Mother's Day
his mother
killed herself

[NYT Bk. Rev. about K. Vonnegut, 3.8. 2012]
cat investigates
the large cardboard carton
the boy there first

[comic, Rose is Rose, P. Brady, 6.3. 1998]
six weeks into spring
snow-topped tulips
still standing

[picture, 5.4. 2013
"a distaste
for starting on the first try"--
the old Ford pickup

[article on loggers, 9.20. 1999]
on every side,
the mountains;
on every mountain, trails

[F. Fellone, AD-G, 7.17. 1997]
daughter's wedding
snuffing the parents candle
her father's tears

[S. Caldwell, AD-G, 7.23. 2003]
from an upper floor
looking down at a Boeing

[article, 7.26. 1997]

the only preposition
on the keyboard

[RayTomlinson, ArkansasDemocrat- Gazette, 11.22.2010]

above the fog
geese fly in formation
across the river
   how do they know 
   which way is which?

[picture by R. McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 12. 19. 2006]

"... accustomed
to the quiet
of his own company"

[J. Ryan, S.F. Chronicle, describing Bill Neal, WWII vet, 4. 5. 2003]

after Katrina
the lake full of rooftops
as far ras one can see

[A. Rosenblum, Arkansas Times, 12. 9. 2005]

after the flood
yard full of photos
drying out

[AD-G, 6.24.1997]


white church alone
again, guarding headstones
of early descendants until
next year.

[AD-G's Tri-Lakes supplement, 6. 1. 2003]

after they married
December 5, '41
war broke out

[obit of an 86-year-old woman, AD-G, 12. 7. 2006]


(the) air full of carp
streamers ... eight hundred of them
children's May Day

[from a picture]

all work for more play--
the jungle gymn

[from a picture]


allowing spiders
the run of the house
during winter

[Annie Dillard,Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, p.50, 2.25. 2004]

alone at the church
shoveling silt from the floor
fallen Easter cross

[newspaper, 3.10.1997]


among lighted forms
of frolicking reindeer
a live mule deer

[picture, 12.5. 1996]

among the pumpkins
the fallen toddler
crying for mama

[picture, 10. 8. 1998

animals and clowns
decorate his room
now knee deep in mud

[newspaper, 3.11. 1997]


an owl 's whoawh
breaking the morning silence
over the deer stand

[Steve Bowman, 10. 15. 2000, AD-G ]

ant hills and deer tracks
over the unknown spot
where son is buried

[article, M. Hellen, AD-G ]

April Fool's day
flooded wheat and bean fields
entombed in ice

[newspaper, 4.8.1997]


Arkadelphia's JOE COX
As a
child, the life-long
had only a billy goat to
play with.

[featured obit, AD-G 6.17. 2004]

at 78
she and the "girls" at the Home
still talked about boys

[featured obit, AD-G -- R. Knickerbocker, 1. 31. 2006]


at the last second
working cop with a solo
throws on his choir robe

[featured obit, AD-G-- D. Gochot, 12. 6. 2005]

athletic muscle
prevailing ... note the "D" rule
at UAF

[from George Arnold's AD-G column, 1.27. 2005] 


to the quiet of a phone
that doesn't ring

[Bill Hall, editorial page editor, Lewiston (ID) Tribune, 10. 1. 1999]

backyard birdwatcher
using his binoculars--
friends in high places

[idea from Dennis The Menace comic/No.Amer. Syndicate, 3.29.1997]


bare dirt
the schoolyard... no fun to lose
all your marbles

[Veleto/Old Time Chronicle, 2.25. 2003]

bare gingko
its golden leaves allowed
to lie undisturbed

[AT Observer vignette, 12. 30, 2004]


bargain luxury:
organic strawberries
five bucks a quart

[Max Brantley/ Arkansas Times, 5.13. 2005]

gnawing the willow branch--
ospreys circle

[MIssouri Dept. of Conservation calendar, 1.6.2000]


literally, morally square
in his old age

[Bill Hall, Lewiston (ID) Tribune, 10.1.'99]


before daffodils
or purple martins
killer tornadoes

[Paul Greenberg, AD-G, 3.3.'97]

behind a tow truck
the '81 Volkswagen
with Just Married signs

[John Sykes Jr., AD-G, 5.4.'04]


behind hollyhocks
the hard-edged, less poppy tune
of early Beatles

[AD-G picture, 5.11.'98]

beneath the bare trees
Harbinger of Spring blossom
in the moist woods

[MO calendar, 1999, poem edited by David Priebe]


High tide
and a full moon
coupled with the strong wind
blowing off the ocean might cause

[news article, AD-G, 1.24.2005]

blackberry brambles
old cemetery paths

[news article, 6.27.1997]


black curtain of rain
rolling in from the ocean--
the fractured boat

[news article, 9.26.1998]

black sodden fields
slender streams snake
back toward the river

[news, 4.27.1997]


a blizzard
forcing the duo inside
with their wedding plans

[article on N.C. snow, 1.27.2000]

median flowers
blowing in the wind
of the freeway traffic

[Jim Mullen, Benton (AR) Courier, 9.24.2005]


bookstore window
of university town:
Latin Can Be Fun

P. Brandon's London Journal column, 9.5.1997]

breath of fresh air
from the second-story roof
dog ponders next move

[news picture, 6.27.1997]


bridge pro's bandaged hand
"This is serious," she moans.
"I can't shuffle cards!"

[Ann T. Kinnaird's remarks, 2.17.2004]

bumper sticker: Peace ...
live in it or rest in it
    the driver's black eye

[The Observer, Arkansas Times, 5.16.1998]


burglary info
filling the entire top half
of the news page

[Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9.20.2006]

buried to doors
police cars abandoned
to avalanche

[news article, 12.30.1996]


over the bed
of petunias

[caption, picture by Michelle Posey, 9.17.2003]

the butterfly
sunning ... warming
up wing muscles

[The Big Bug Book,  M. Facklan, 1.7.19]



calling in sane
to take the afternoon off
early fall Friday

[AD-G editorial anecdote, 9.28. 1999]

can't-wait patriot
lights a single firecracker
on June 30th

[Idea from The Observer, Arkansas Times,  7. 13. 2001]


Capitol lighting--
Brownies and Shriners
in the same parade

[AD-G, 12. 7. 2003]

car window down
listening for the river
with my eyes closed

[ala Paul Greenberg, AD-G, 3. 1. 1999]



the wooden herd
between storage spaces
resulted in the loss of one

[AD-G article, 3.27.2003]

the cat padding off
with her customary grace
ignoring the jay

[from Charles Allbright's column in the AD-G, 8.29. 1997]


catching a dull flash
from the darkening windows--
his metal snuff can

[from Joe Hill by Wallace Stegner, p. 241, 6.13. 1999]

catching a trout
and a hook in the ear
his second time out

[AD-G editorial vignette, 3.19.1999]


catching z-z-z-zs and rays--
weary flood fighters
wait for more sandbags

[news picture, 4.19. 1997]

cautionary tale:
with enough ice
any shoe is a skate

[Idea from Dennis the Menace, 1. 14. 1997]


a widow longer
than she was a wife

[Obituary, 4. 3. 2004]

"Civil Rights Movement"

happiness? No,
but the pursuit thereof--
epiphany on MLK's

[Editorial, AD-G, 1. 15. 2002]


child's bright idea:
Mommy, take the doll shopping
for my Mother's Day

[Bil Keane's Dolly, The Family Circus, 5. 8. 1998]

childhood July 4ths:
vinegar and brown paper
for sunburn blisters

[Wally Hall (sports), AD-G, 7.4. 2001]


"Oh, Goody"

excited that
Grandma wants to play her
favorite rock music ... "Rock of

[Bil Keane's Family Circus, AD-G, 7. 16. 1996]

when all our blessings deserve
a recount

[Ziggy comic, Tom Wilson, AD-G, 12. 25. 2000]


into the orange flower
the eastern grey treefrog

[Birds 'n Blooms, Ju/Ju, 2002; transcribed, 1.20 2004]

leans into April-Fool's snow
the circus still on

[Picture, AD-G, 4. 4.1997; transcribed 4. 7. same year]


cold snap freezes
Trocadero fountains
ice skaters converge

[News picture, AD-G, 12. 30. 1996]

cool, crisp summer night
deer sniffing around coolers
in sight of campers

[Frank Fellone column, AD-G, 7. 17.1997]


coreopsis blooms--
lofty pedestrian bridge
gradually takes shape

[AD-G picture by Steve Keesee, 6. 23. 2005]

cotton farmer
caught between bugs
and broiling heat

[AD-G David Mercer article, 3. 27. 2003]


creek's coldness
rustling over gravel bar
an orange leaf

[F. Fellone, AD-G, 8. 20. 1998]

crisp autumn winds
...praise all veterans who fought
for our liberty

[AD-G article, 11. 12. 1996]


crowds at the park
on this warm winter weekend
child in the sandbox

[Idea from caption, AD-G picture, 2. 10. 1998]

into the undergrowth
an old schoolhouse

[AD-G article on Newton Co. logging, 9. 20. 1999]


culinary class
apples into swans
mice from radishes

[Carolyn Park article, AD-G, 11. 13. 2006] 

the red zinnias
before the frost

[a letter from Faye Wise, 11. 4. 1997]



dank stink of mildew--
passing nurse all dressed in white
measures blood pressure

[news, 3.8.1997]

on t floor
the moon's rising

[AD-G's Steve Bowman's reverie from a deer stand, 10. 22. 1999; published in Old-Millpond Anthology, August 2001]

day of the shootings--
studying Dickinson's
'I Never Lost as much but twice'
   later, we remembered
   and thought it ironic

[news article, 5. 18. 1998; published in the premier issue of Ion Codrescu's Hermitage June, 2004]

leaning into the third leg
of a 20-hour shift

[A. Harter column, AD-G, 1. 23. 1999; published in Muse of Fire, #110, spring, 1999]

diet martini--
no pimento
in the olive

[Hagar the Horrible comic, Chris Browne, AD-G, 4. 17. 1998]

moving out of state
for a golf course

[news article, 5. 3. 1999]


dog days of August
the Post Office releasing
Christmas catalogues

[article, 8. 29. 1997; published in Parnassus (editor, Denver Stull) July, 2003]

dolphins leaping
into the moon's silver path~
quiet evening

[T. Bartimus, AP appearing in the Benton Courier 5. 31. 2005]

dot-and-line clocks
hard on a little tyke
learning to tell time

[idea from Bil Keane comic, Family Circus, AD-G, 1. 14. 1997]

(the) dry stickiness
of a spider's web
sidestepping the briars

[Steve Bowman's deer stand reverie, AD-G, 10. 22. 1999; published in Old-Millpond Anthology 10. 2001]

duck builds nest, lays eggs
under boat's steering column
--wind and rain sheltered

[from Arkansas Times Observer, 4.30. 1997]


edge of the cornfield--
Lab Retriever waiting
till his master comes

[picture, AD-G, 118. 1996]


eighteen degrees
three-hundred-seventy days
since it was this cold

[TV weatherperson, 1. 2. 2008]
seven launches
between catastrophes--
even more amazing than moon

[Mike Thomas, Orlando Sentinel, 2. 3. 2003]


eighty-two year old's
jet ski of no use--
the rising river

[News, 6. 25. 1997]

from under a highway bridge
with his shaving kit

[Arkansas Times Observer, 8. 24. 2001]

enactors go home
skirting a real battle--
excluding women

[from headline of article, AD-G, 8. 29. 1997]

erasing the road
from the distant cliff face
bright shaft of sunlight

[from Harper's, 6. 1997
(added E poems 4.15.14)

ADDED JUNE 3 2014 - not in alphabetical order (too hard to do with all I have collected; sorry).

postal carrier
trudging thru' heavy snow
("...neither rain nor snow...")

[AP/The St. Joseph (MO) News Press--Matt Reid (viewing weather pictures,) 2. 23. 2013]