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Pat's Second Book
Pat’s second novel, “Her Face in the Glass” is the sequel to "A Journey of Choice", her first book and is available now!
Liddy Coursey-nee Underhill’s tumultuous ten years in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri finally came to a happy ending when she was given the baby she helped deliver. Promoted to editor of The Banner, a weekly newspaper, she married Tom Grindle, the boardinghouse owner, who became a stay-at-home dad.
In this sequel––during World War II––former Editor Redd found retirement lonesome. She visited the paper, and when the receptionist walked into a passing vehicle, she stepped in as a replacement staff writer.
A new superintendent of schools, Louis Hooser, thinking he’d hoodwink another small town, was caught by The Banner in gross chicanery. Shortly, he and his abetting wife left his office smoldering and fled the town.
The Grindle’s hosted a Christmas party. The Hoosers came to the party in disguise. Presented a gift by the rogue marked, “Open when you are alone,” Liddy notified the sheriff, who notified the fire steward. The gift was opened outside, Liddy was hurt, and the culprits were jailed, charged with attempted murder.
Will the war’s end bring the story to a satisfying close?



"A must read! This book was a wonderful read. I could not put it down until the final word."

Lydia Cheatham
September 11, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

An Inviting Read with a good story – 4 stars
By Bookwoman on November 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This is a sweet story set in an earlier time where there are rouges for sure, but basically the story is peopled by good folks. It reminds me of Mayberry or Walton's Mountain, has tones of Jan Karon's people. Folks go about their business living mostly quiet but satisfying lives, help one another, and face the trying war times.

Below is a link to the Amazon Website to purchase the paperback or the access the Kindle download: